Fixed Fees

Types of Application (Excluding Appeals & Advocacy)

What is included in the price?

All fees include VAT. Our fixed fee, includes costs of advising on the relevant immigration rules, completing the relevant application form, whether paper or online; compiling supporting documents; submitting the application either via online or by post; keeping a copy of the application and all supporting documents; book your appointment with the application centre for the enrolment of your biometrics and submission of your supporting documents; and keep you updated on the progress of your application.

Kataria Solicitors can also advise, prepare and submit your application for entry clearance (UK visa) to the UK. As part of our service, we will, advise you about the relevant criteria as set out in the immigration rules; advise you about the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of the entry clearance application; check all your documents to make sure that the requirements of the Immigration Rules are being fully satisfied for your entry clearance application to succeed; complete the online application form and submit the same online on your behalf; pay the relevant UKVI charges for the application including the application fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) on your behalf.

Further work including when applications are refused

Please note that should there be any additional work to be done, for example if the application is refused, a further fixed fee could be agreed depending upon the type and nature of the further work to be done. When further work is to be carried out on the file, and when any additional funds are required, rest assured that this would not be done without your express approval first.

Following are the various in-country and out of-country applications:

Type 1 Applications

Replacement Residence Permits (BRP, NTL) and Travel Documents
Fixed costs of £400.00

Type 2 Applications

EEA/EU residence and permanent residence application
Fixed costs of £550.00

Type 3 Applications

Naturalisation/Citizenship and registration applications
Fixed costs of £650.00

Type 4 Applications

Family Reunion, Visit Visa, Student Visas, Adult Dependent Relatives Visa, Dependent Child Visas, Out of country spouse visa and Tier 2 & 5 employment visas
Fixed costs of £950.00

Type 5 Applications

Investor (Tier 1) Visa
Costs are in the range of £1250-£2000

Type 6 Applications

In-country spouse, partner, civil or unmarried visas, Long residence in the UK, Parent route applications
Fixed costs of £850.00

Type 7 Applications

In-country Human Rights applications
Fixed costs of £950.00

Type 8 Applications

Immigration Bail
Fixed costs of £1000.00

Type 9 Applications

Advice on any Deportation decisions including Revocation of deportation orders, including Judicial Review up to permission stage on papers only (No hearing and excluding any Counsel fees)
Costs are in the range of £1250-£2000

Type 10 Applications

Costs are in the range of £1250-£2000 excluding any attendance at interview stage

Type 1 Appeals (Lodging of Appeals)

Advice on appeals against decision of in-country decision and out of-country decision including completing and submitting any appeal form
Fixed costs of £350.00

Type 2 Appeals

Advice on any Administrative Review decisions including completing and submitting any review
Fixed costs of £350.00

Type 3 Appeals

Preparation of any appeal including drafting Witness Statements and drafting skeleton arguments including filing of any appeal bundles as required by the Tribunal Service ( Excluding Advocacy and court attendance)
Costs are in the range of £800-£1500.

Type 4 Appeals

Costs are in the range of £450-£1500 depending upon the nature of appeal


All disbursements will need to be paid for separately in addition to the fees for our services. Examples of disbursements include home office/visa application fees, court application fees, postage, interpreting/translation services, medical reports fees, expert report fees, mileage/travel expenses etc. This is not an exhaustive list and is meant purely as a guide.